WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA | Image via solarimpulse.comSolar Impulse

After a 12 hour and 59 minute flight that required no fuel, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA, which ran only on solar energy, landed in Brussels last Friday evening. (Link)

Pedal Power

A pedal-powered helicopter created by engineering students at the University of Maryland achieved liftoff early this week. This helicopter, which successfully made it a few inches above the ground, shows one potential path for the future of human-powered machinery. (Link)

 Fuel Fool

Biodiesel that is made from palm oil may be emitting ten times more greenhouse gases than basic fossil fuels, making coal look “green” in comparison. (Link)

Tree’s Got Good Genes

The woody biomass of the eucalyptus tree makes it a very efficient producer, and now that its genome has been deciphered, researchers will be able to trace the important genes that dictate growth, wood quality, and resistance to disease. With this information scientists will be able to create more efficient tree breeding programs, which may create trees with the important characteristics for viable alternative fuel sources. (Link)

Eat Up

A study released last Thursday found that one third of all food that is produced goes to waste. (Link)