Frack Jam:“What the fr*ck is going on with all this fracking going on?”

In our March 2011 issue, we featured Iris Marie Bloom on our cover. The director of Protecting Our Waters and a declared environmental activist, Bloom is helping lead the fight against irresponsible natural gas drilling—or fracking—in Pennsylvania. As Bloom's efforts have shown, the issue of fracking is complicated--from the technical aspects of drilling operations to the legislative logistics and the necessary clean-ups of drill sites and waterways that are inevitably needed.  

But, David Holmes and other journalism students at NYU's Studio 20 have created an uncomplicated, and musical, explanation of fracking. As part of their collaboration with investigative news organization Pro Publica to create better explanations for stories, they produced this informative (and quite catchy) song and music video.

For a a copy of the lyrics and background of the music video visit here. Read our March cover story (p. 16-19) to find out more about Bloom’s fight and check out the nearly three-year Pro Publica series to get a more in-depth look at fracking.