WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Will the Baker and Chacabuco rivers ever look the same? | Image via msnbc.com

Honey for Bees

What can you do to save the vanishing bees? (Link)

Patagonia May Never Look the Same

Chile approved plans to create five hydroelectric dams along Patagonia’s Baker and Pascua rivers. What will be the fate of these wild and pristine waterways? (Link)

Rotterdam Named Dirtiest City

As mentioned by greenblog, Dan Hoornweg’s study of over 100 cities found that Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands, emitted the most CO2 and methane within its city limits in comparison to the other researched cities. Unfortunately, five of the top 10 dirtiest cities are in the U.S. (Link)

Future of Nuclear Waste?

Today a panel set up by the Department of Energy will meet to discuss what should be done with nuclear waste. The current proposed plan is to store reactor fuel in large above-ground containers. (Link)

Farming Overhaul

How should mainstream farming be changed? The implementation of innovative practices that promote animal welfare, worker safety, and local and organic practices are one solution, but how this will be done on large farms is the next question. (Link)

-Allison Bart