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Is AC eco-friendly? | Image via washingtonpost.comCar Commute = 500 hours of work

Skipping the car ride to and from work can give you about 12.5 more weeks of income in the bank. (Link)

Endangered Agreement

The Obama administration has announced its plans to work with environmentalists in order to determine which of the 251 imperiled animals and plants require greater protection. (Link)

Go Frack-less

What do New Jersey and France have in common? Both are considering bills to ban fracking. (Link)

Heat Up, Cool Down

As the weather heats up, which cool-down options are best for the environment? (Link)

Flip Flop

What does it take to make climate skeptics change their minds? (Link)

Market Myth

Farmers markets are not a luxury reserved for the foodie elite. A study comparing the prices of conventional and organic produce and eggs from supermarkets and farmers markets found that the often held perception that farmers markets are more expensive is false. (Link)