America’s First Zoo: Raising the Sustainability Bar

A Pygmy Marmoset, one of the rare animals featured at the Philadelphia ZooThe Philadelphia Zoo, home to approximately 1,300 animals (many of which are rare and endangered) is one step closer to fulfilling its energy conservation goals with its new affiliation with GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, the retail energy business of one of the largest non-residential retail energy suppliers in the US, GDF SUEZ Energy North America.

The deal: GDF SUEZ Energy NA will now officially supply its electricity to the zoo over the next two years. The partnership will begin with 25 percent of the zoo’s electricity consumption offset by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) -- the environmental attributes of electricity generated from wind, solar or other renewable power facilities. The zoo will not only economically benefit from these certificates, but it will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and promote local sources of cleaner, renewable energy.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources is donating these RECs, which are Green-e® Energy Certified, to expel an estimated 3,195,990 pounds of carbon dioxide per year (that’s 6,391,980 pounds disposed throughout the two year contract). To put it in more tangible terms, it’s the equivalent of taking 314 cars off the road in one year!

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