"The Un-Road Trip": A 12,000 mile trek sans car

treehugger.comHey GRID readers, thinking about trading in your car for an alternative mode of transportation? Halogen TV’s upcoming premiere will certainly give you the motivation to make your travels carless. On Earth Day, April 22, at 8pm (ET/PT) Halogen TV will premiere its latest in activism television, “The Un-Road Trip,” chronicling eco-adventurer Boaz Frankel, as he attempts to travel 12,000 miles across America.

The 10-episode series has just one catch—Frankel won’t step foot near a gas-powered car. His cross country trek will surely be interesting to witness, as he hits 10 major cities using every mode of transportation out there, except for the standard automobile.  

While we sit on our couches, Frankel will explore the nation, using just about anything your imagination can conceive. His whacky list of transportation devices include: whimsical bicycles, a pneumatic pogo stick, a canoe, a hot air balloon, a crop duster, a motorized cooler, a horse, a camel, a dog sled, a Segway, a sailboat, a hang glider, Kangoo jumps—you name it.

Frankel’s goal however is to not just show us how to travel using Kangoo jumps-a cross between rollerblades and moon shoes, but to meet the inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders that can help him find alternative, sustainable means of transportation.

The show may have us thinking twice before starting up our gas guzzlers--A fact sheet from the U.S. EPA says, "driving a private car is probably a typical citizen's most 'polluting' daily activity"--and opting for a less conventional route.

Check out the complete episode guide after the jump!

Episode 1: Portland – Northern California – Santa Barbara

Debuts April 22 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: a motorized cooler, a tandem bike, an agricultural helicopter, a Pi Electric Bike, & a catamaran. 


Episode 2: Los Angeles – Albuquerque

Debuts April 29 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: foot, Kangoo jump, rowbiking, pneumatic pogo stick, train, Xtracycle, and yes, a camel.


Episode 3: Chicago – Washington DC

Debuts May 6 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: a newly completed mechanical walking rickshaw, a pedal powered drum machine, an electric ladder contraption, a wine bike, water taxi, & the “secret” Senate Subway


Episode 4: Florida

Debuts May 13 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: an airboat, horse, kayak & a sailboat


Episode 5: Tampa – Columbia/Spartanburg, SC – Charlottesville, VA

Debuts May 20 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: a Harley, a Segway PT, an electric driving mover, a folding bike, and of course, a unicycle.


 Episode 6: New York – Boston – Manchester/Bedford, NH

Debuts May 27 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: an industrial trike, an off-road buggy, a pedal-powered surrey, a PowerWing Scooter, & a barn-stormer biplane.


 Episode 7: Concord/Claremont, NH – Burlington, VT

Debuts June 3 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: bike, paraglider, snow bikes, paddle surfs, & bike ferry.


Episode 8: Ontario, Canada – Minneapolis, St. Paul

Debuts June 10 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: The craziest bikes in the world, no doubt: a couch bike, pick-up truck bike, treadmill bike, & a hula bike, oh and a rollercoaster.


Episode 9: Milwaukee, WI – Sandpoint, ID

Debuts June 17 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: 12-person pedal-powered pub, an aqua-cycle, seaplane, & the good old piggy-back ride.


Episode 10: Seattle, WA

Debuts June 24 at 8 pm

Featured modes of transportation: a puppy-pulled longboard, a 7-person bike, skateboard, & an aerial tram.


For more on “The Un-Road Trip,” visit, www.halogentv.com/UnRoadTrip.