Urban Sharecropping: Lazy Locavores come to Philly

Way back in November, we wrote (here) about a Wall Street Journal article titled, “The Rise of the Lazy Locavore.” The piece covered the rise of "urban sharecropping," where homeowners with backyard land but no gardening skills partner with gifted growers who lacked their own outdoor space.

We thought this was a really cool way to spread the urban ag. bug and get to know your neighbors, so of course we were disappointed to learn that this revolution was for the most part only happening along the West Coast and in Brooklyn. That is the truth no more.

After reading the article via the Griddle, Philly-native Blake Cote contacted the website profiled in the WSJ article, sharingbackyards.com and worked with the site administrators to launch a Philly page. Enter: philly.sharingbackyards.com, which just launched this month! The site seeks to build a network of shared garden spaces in the Delaware Valley, but can only do so with the help of those with yard space to spare. Head on over to the site and check out those who are sharing and looking for space, then add your own listing and let the community-building agricultural experience begin.