Bikeadelphia: City plans for north-south bike lanes

image via streetsblog.netAs one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., Philly should be re-named “The city of biker-ly love.” Now, our dedicated fleet of cyclists has even more of a reason to hop on their two (or one, or three) wheelers and brave the urban jungle.

According to CBS Philly, at a city council meeting late last month, Deputy Mayor of Transportation, Rina Cutler announced the City’s intention to add a new pair of north-south bike lanes to match Pine and Spruce Streets' east-west dynamic duo.

The lanes will link Spring Garden and South Streets, and the pilot streets may be announced as soon as the end of this month. As with the bike lanes on Pine and Spruce, goals for the new lanes are to keep room for street parking intact, and most importantly, cut down on bicycle and car collisions.

Before the ideal locations for the lanes are chosen, community input is key, given that creating new lanes will stir up a wide range of perspectives from residents, pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists.

Before you know it Philly will be crawling with cyclists from left to right. Stay tune for bike lane updates.