The Compost Coop: Affordable Composting Comes to 19125

Sustainable 19125 and Philly Compost are joining forces to launch a Compost Coop this May. The program will offer Fishtown and Kensington residents an affordable way to sustainable rid of their food waste.

The coop offers 19125 residents two membership options, depending on their budgets and willingness to work:

  1. Work-share membership: $25 per year, plus agreeing to put in a few hours of work with the coop each month.
  2. Non-working membership: $50 per year

Regardless of what option you choose, by becoming a member, you reserve the right to bring pile upon pile of food scraps to the former Garden Center located on Frankford Ave. and Berks St., where it will be turned into lovely, fertile compost. At the end of the year, each member will receive a hefty pile of compost to use for their growing endeavors.

Sign up now to turn your waste into wealth! For up to date information, check out the Coop’s Facebook page. To join, send an email to or call Toby at (215) 427-0350.

Continue after the jump to see some of the benefits of composting (courtesy of the EPA).

  • Compost Enriches Soil- Compost has the ability to help regenerate poor soil by producing bacteria and fungi which break down organic matter and increases the nutrient content in soils that help the soils retain moisture. Not to mention it also helps suppress plant disease and pests.
  • Compost Helps Prevent Pollution- Composting is a sustainable alternative to the production of methane that forms in landfills. Compost has the ability to prevent pollutants in stormwater runoff from reaching surface water resources. It can also prevent erosion and silting.
  • Compost Offers Economic Benefits- By using compost, you can reduce the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides. It is a marketable commodity that is a low-cost alternative to standard landfill cover and artificial soil amendments.

For more information on composting and the EPA, visit