Diaper Domination: The Great Cloth Diaper Change

image via greatclothdiaperchange.comBack in October, we informed you eco-minded parents out there about the option of cloth diapering your children (“Diaper Dandy,” Issue #19). For all of you who have converted from disposables to cloth, or even if you haven’t ditched the Pampers quite yet, be sure to come out this Saturday, April 23, to join The Great Cloth Diaper Change’s efforts to set world records.

The goal: To change a record-breaking amount of cloth diapers simultaneously!

Not quite sold on the cloth diaper idea? The financial, health, and environmental benefits may at least get you thinking about making the switch:

  • From birth-to-potty training, each baby will wear about 6000 disposable diapers!
  • Cloth diapers help reduce infant’s exposure to toxic chemicals prevalent in disposable diapers
  • Disposable diapers take 250-500 years to decompose in landfills!

If you can’t make the event, be sure to visit greatclothdiaperchange.com for more information on the benefits to trading disposables for cloth. Considering the change? Visit Nurture: From Baby to Toddler in Ardmore for a wide selection of hand-picked products for you and your baby, or The Nesting House on 606 Carpenter Lane, which sells only non-toxic, fair trade items, including cloth diapers.

Over 400 communities worldwide, from Philadelphia to parts of Asia, are joining in on the diaper changing charge. Fill your diaper bag with your favorite cloth brand, plus all the diaper-duty necessities and head to Nurture on 19 West Lancaster Ave. in Ardmore at 11:30 a.m., baby in tow. State Representative Greg Vitali will be the official witness for the World Record attempt.

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