The 2011 Commuter Challenge: Offering A Safer Route For Commuters

Courtesy of The Bicycle Coalition of Greater PhiladelphiaAre you sick of being stuck in rush-hour traffic every week-day? Have you come to the realization that bathing suit weather is right around the corner and a little more exercise is in order? Have you heard of the Bicycle Coalition’s Commuter Challenge?

The 2011 Commuter Challenge is The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s newest program enacted to encourage Philadelphians to bike or walk to and from their workplace. The program kicks off on National Bike-to-Work Day, Fri., May 20, and continues through the beginning of September.

Participants can register either by joining or creating a team at their workplace. If you create your own workplace team, your coworkers can join. If limited coworkers show interest, it may be best to join the team at another workplace team. To register, visit the Commuter Challenge website, which is expected to go live in mid-April.

Each workplace will then be matched up against similarly sized workplaces. Each team member will need to log the miles they walked or biked to work that day on the Commuter Challenge website so the site can track their total miles, calories burned and even the CO2 that was saved from each trip. The team with the highest percentage of days commuted will be the winner of the monthly challenge.

Commuting by bicycle, or walking, is much healthier for you and the environment. And a lot of the time, it's even faster. In fact, 50 percent of the U.S population commutes less than 5 miles to work. Therefore, you have a better chance of arriving at work on time if you avoid driving through rush hour traffic.

For more information, contact Mary Duffy, Development Director at or 215.242.9253 x304.