Got Co-op? Mariposa's membership drive

Image via westphillylocal.comIt seems like eons ago that we told you about Mariposa Co-op's expansion (Jan. 2011 issue p.16) to a much larger and more user-friendly space on Baltimore Ave. No doubt that the staff and members of Mariposa have been working tirelessly since then to raise the needed funds (2.25 million bucks!) and with the latest announcement of their New Store Membership Drive, it seems like the cooperative enterprise is one step closer to movin’ on up.

As of now, there are two options for joining Mariposa:

  1. Join right away as a member of the current store at 4726 Baltimore Ave: In order to shop at the current location you must be a member, and in order to become a member you have to attend a new member orientation. Dates and times for orientations are posted in the co-op, so stop by when you’re in the ‘hood and talk to a staff member. You can also email, for more information.
  2. Join as a member of the new store at 4824 Baltimore Ave: Word is that Mariposa will make the move to their new spot this fall. Unlike the other location, non-members will be permitted to shop at the store, but members will receive a discount. However, those who are members will not have to put in work hours to be members. If you’re interested in joining before the new store opens, read more about the New Store Membership Drive.                                                                   

If you’d simply like more information on co-op membership, read more about Member Equity and these New Member FAQs.