Spread the Love: National PB&J Day!

image via iammkroxc.blogspot.com

This weekend is turning out to be quite the busy one. On top of the Soil Kitchen’s debut and the Philly Spring Cleanup, may be one of the most nostalgic/crowd-pleaser celebrations of all: The PB&J Campaign’s National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! To celebrate, the campaign's crew will come together at Whole Foods Callowhill (2001 Pennsylvania Ave.) with plenty of tasty giveaways for all!

Eating a good ol’ PB&J (or two, or three…) will not only power you through the hours of city-beautifying you’ll be participating in on Saturday, it is also great for the environment. That lusciously spread-able combo of creamy peanut butter and any-flavor jelly saves about 2.5 pounds of greenhouse, 130 gallons of water, and 24 square feet because it is an entirely plant-based lunch.

The PB&J Campaign, a non-profit environmental effort that works to combat environmental destruction by cutting-down on the amount of animal products people eat, is also run by Grid’s very own Urban Naturalist Bernard Brown. The campaign itself is not only about replacing your regular Philly cheesesteak lunch with a simple PB&J a few days a week, it’s also about putting thought and compassion into your mealtime choices. To learn more about the campaign, visit pbjcampaign.org

Plus, if peanut butter’s not your bag, try these out-of-the-norm nut-butter and bread combinations:

  • Almond butter with sweet onions, cucumber and arugula
  • Cashew butter with fresh ginger and honey
  • Sunflower seed butter with mashed medjool dates
  • Pumpkin seed butter with miso, cilantro and onion