Healthcare's Harvest: Sustainable Hospital Cuisine

blogher.comHospital food is typically not the tastiest, or the healthiest, but luckily, The Women’s Health and Environmental Network (WHEN) is taking big steps to change that.

March is National Nutrition Month, and WHEN has fittingly released its Healthcare’s Harvest: Seeding Sustainability in Hospital Kitchens. The guide includes contributions from five surrounding hospitals and highlights 10 healthy and sustainable recipes. The goal is to help influence institutions to include healthy options on their menus. Hospital patients, staff, and customers will benefit greatly from these organic/delectable options, which are locally sourced and include seasonal ingredients.

 The guide provides everything a hospital will need to buy, prepare and serve, including definitions of sustainable food terms and guided checklists for buying purposes. Not only will patients benefit, but farmers and the environment as well!

To see the collection in its entirey visit WHEN.