Village Park Day 2011: Let the Spring Cleaning Commence!

Courtesy of villagearts.orgIn conjunction with Philadelphia’s 4th Annual Spring Clean-up and the assortment of other various “spring cleaning” events, The Village of Arts and Humanities hosts their own festival, “Village Park Day 2011,” this Saturday, April 2nd at The Village of Arts and Humanities (Ile Ife Park) located on 2544 Germantown Ave.

By pairing community service with collective art work, The Village of Arts and Humanities upholds its mission: “to build a community through innovative arts, educational, social, economic and youth development programs…in order to support justice to the humanity and social conditions of people who live in inner cities like North Philadelphia” through its “Village Park Day” celebration.

The “Village Park Day” has been an annual event supporting and implementing sustainable programs like, revitalizing edible gardens, planting trees and flowers, repairing existing mosaics and smaller scale murals and cleaning up garbage and debris throughout Philadelphia’s parks and neighborhoods.       

This year, the Park Day will feature activities for children, including a screen printing workshop and an eco-fashion runway show hosted by the Village's teen volunteers. There will also be free BBQ for all volunteers. The event begins at 9:00 a.m. and will run until 2:00 p.m.

For general information about The Village, or to register to volunteer, contact Brenda at or call (215) 225-7830.