Growing Up: The Benefits of Vertical Gardening in Urban Areas

Courtesy of Urban Jungle Curt Alexander and Kim Labno of Urban Jungle, a full-service center that specializes in vertical gardening, will be presenting a lecture demonstrating various methods and applications for the hottest trend in urban landscaping.

Vertical gardening is an ideal technique for city dwellers. It offers a variety of benefits in regards to growing in a city settings by bringing a “green” dynamic to the urban environment. By adding upright structures like, bamboo and wooden fences as well as hanging basket planters, plants that have flowering vines can flourish in small spaces.

Alexander and Labno will not only offer participants an overview of this trend, they will also plant a Green Décor Panel with a diverse group of tropical plants to demonstrate how easy vertical gardening can be.

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  • Provides privacy and shields unattractive views
  • Provides excellent air circulation for the plants.
  • Certain pests are not vertical crawlers and you may be able to prevent some pests from being a problem.
  • You can build a vertical garden space in a shaded area.
  • Many plants can be trained to climb vertical structures.
  • You can grow more plants with little space.
  • Plants are within reach for an individual with limitations who is unable to garden in a traditional way.

This lecture/demonstration will take place on Saturday, April 2nd on 824 Reed Street at the Steel Pony Studio from 11:00 a.m. until noon. Ticket prices and registration information here