Growing Leaders: How to become a Master Gardener

franklincountymgs.blogspot.comHave you read our latest gardening issue, cover to cover, and now consider yourself a master gardener? We have the perfect opportunity for you. The Penn State Cooperative Extension in Philadelphia is now accepting applications for its 2011 Master Gardener Program.

Classes start this August, but they are still looking for candidates. The program (Once a week, 3 hour long classes for 14 weeks) consists of a volunteer training course that will prepare experienced home gardeners, like you, to share their experience and knowledge with others and to promote horticultural and environmental stewardship.

Candidates will receive 50 hours of instruction, and in return must promise to volunteer for 50 hours a year to Penn State Cooperative Extension. Some volunteer activities carried out by Philadelphia Master Gardeners in the past includes teaching container gardening to senior citizens, instructing youth in raised bed vegetable growing, and answering gardening questions at special events and on the “Hortline garden phone.”

The application due date is June 15 and the program fee is $175, so apply today, become proactive, and put those Grid gardening tips to the test. Applications can be returned as a word doc. or pdf to:; faxed to: 215-471-2231; or mailed to: PSU Outreach, 3rd Fl. North, 111 N. 49th St., Suite KN3-100, Philadelphia, PA 19139.

For more information, contact Doris Stahl, Horticulture Educator or Kim Labno, Master Gardener Coordinator, at 215-471-2200. 

The Penn State Cooperative Extension in Philadelphia works as a contact for information and education to residents on foods and nutrition, 4-H/youth programs, urban gardening, family strengths, urban entomology and horticulture.