Food for Thought: FREE Food Inc. film screening

foodincmovie.comHave nothing going on tomorrow night? (Wednesday, March 16) The frightening truth that many food corporations have profits on their minds rather than our health should get you off the couch. At 6:00 p.m. Blossoming Bellies will host a free screening of the eye-opening documentary Food Inc. at Essene Market, located at 719 South 4th Street.

Whether you’ve seen the film or not, be sure to stayuntil the end for a discussion panel featuring health and nutrition professionals from the area (Marie Winters, N.D., of Two Rivers Naturopathy, Health Counselor and Lifestyle Coach Suzie Pileggi, and Holistic Health Counselor, Liz Dooley). Also, bring a small donation, and help out Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that focuses on animal rescue, education, and advocacy (i.e. supporting the bill to stop cruel pigeon shoots).

Here's a brief overview of the film--

Food Inc. is an Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature and has forced its audiences to take a second look at what’s for dinner. As an American consumer, we deserve to know where the food from our local supermarkets comes from, and how it is prepared. The film unveils the secrets behind these major corporations. It explores how we may be putting the “perfect pork chop” on the table, but the consequences are alarming--from the sprouts of e-coli to the increasing epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Some of the specific issues addressed are diabetes and obesity, factory farming (industrial farming systems that work under inhumane conditions and contribute to global warming), genetic engineering (fundamentally altered foods are taking over our supermarkets’ shelves), and the use of pesticides (many are linked to cancers, autism, and neurological disorders.)—just to name a few.

Whether the movie turns you vegan or not, it will certainly have an impact on what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This film is important and can help change your eating habits from questionable to local and environmentally safe!