Help Henry: Support This Local CSA

weaversway.coopFeeling generous? “Henry Got Crops!,” Weavers Way Co-op and Saul High School of Agriculture’s collaborative farm partnership, is now asking for donations for their silent auction taking place on March 20th.  The goal is to raise money to bring local food to local people.

Henry’s Got Crops!” is a community supported agriculture (CSA) 2 ½ acre farm, located at Saul High School and managed by the dedicated Weavers Way staff. The farm offers more than just food to the local community, it also provides the high school with a hands-on learning environment that teaches students how to grow organic vegetables. It is also one of the first high school-based CSA’s in the country.

Help the community, feed the locals, and support this great initiative. The proceeds from the fundraiser will help reduce CSA share prices.

Henry Got Crops! will recognize your support by displaying any banners or signage to acknowledge your business’ generosity.

If you would like to contribute or have any questions, contact:

Laura Axel, at / (215) 233-9766


Nancy Dearden. At /  (215) 901 644C