True Tales: An EnergyWorks Examination - Part 2

Welcome back for the second installment of "True Tales: An EnergyWorks Examination," where you can read all about one Philadelphian's experience with using the EnergyWorks program to make her home more energy efficient.  In case you missed Part 1 of the series, you can get up to speed by reading this post.  When we last left our fearless energy miser (that's me) on January 20, she had paid for an initial energy audit to be completed at her home, and she was waiting to be contacted by a certified energy auditor to set up an appointment.

That evening, I received an e-mail from the energy auditor who had been assigned to me by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA).  So far, everything related to the EnergyWorks program has happened in a prompt and professional manner. Eric Lowry of Lowry EcoSolutions will be performing the audit of my house, and the audit is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 7.  Eric sent me a great one-page document that explained what equipment he would be bringing: a blower door fan and blower door accessory case to perform a blower door test, various diagnostic instruments and a ladder. It also explained what I should expect to happen during the audit.

Eric suggested that I plan on the audit taking about 4 hours.  The first half-hour will be spent doing a walk-through of the house, during which time I'll be able to tell him about any concerns I have.  (Concern #1: The fact that the temperature in my kitchen seems to be just about the same as the temperature inside the refrigerator in my kitchen!)  Eric will spend the remaining time testing, making observations and measuring the house. I can expect a written report within a few days, but if he notices anything of immediate concern, such as a gas leak, he'll suggest that I get that fixed before receiving the final report.

In Part 3 of this series, I'll explain how the energy audit went, and I'll be announcing a friendly contest to make things just a little more interesting for you faithful Griddle readers.  Stay tuned!