THAT'S REUSEFUL: Plastic Snack Bags

makingmemories.typepad.comBy now you’ve certainly heard how vital it is to diminish the number of plastic bags we take home from our shopping trips. It’s also a good idea to keep lightly used plastic bags around for reuse. I know all those accumulated hours each night of rinsing and drying my snack bags will pay off. Each morning before I head to class, I always pack foods in a snack bag, and I try to use one about 10 times before it goes in my special shoe box for other purposes.   

Those plastic re-sealable bags now come in many different shapes and sizes. People often disregard that they are strong enough for multiple uses. These bags contain petroleum plastics and are using nonrenewable resources; therefore they generate toxic emissions upon assembly.

However, if your bags are heavily coated with greasy, oily foods, you are better off tossing them in the trash rather than using lots of soap and water to get them back into useful shape.

But for the majority of users, a swift rinse or even a quick shake to dispense of crumbs means you can use the bags all over again. A plastic bag dryer can help in your endeavors. If the notion of reusing bags for food gives you goosebumps, then consider using them for other purposes, such as cotton balls, shoe laces, buttons, crayons or, well, use your imagination. A dose of creativity can go a long way in helping our environment.  

Are you reusing plastic bags? Tell us how!