SEP-TAINABLE: The Route to Regional Sustainability

On January 27, SEPTA's board adopted their first ever sustainability plan: SEP-TAINABLE: The Route to Regional Sustainability.

As we all know, SEPTA serves us well (all four million of us), yet it faces many challenges. Economic, social, and certainly environmental issues surface on the regular. So during times like these, the strategy seems well due.

Financial stability, resource scarcity, and national security are certainly dreary subjects. Locally, unemployment persists and funds seem depleted, threatening crucial projects and programs, particularly within SEPTA.

The recent plan represents “SEPTA's comprehensive strategy and enduring commitment to become a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable organization.” The transit authority's hope for more sustainable means to travel seems to have gotten on the Express.

SEPTA's goals to ensure fiscal stability, strengthen the workforce, and reduce carbon footprint are outlined in a 12-step plan of action. The extensive plan includes alternative energy vehicle procurement and infrastructure improvements.

In this fast and ever-changing world, it’s important to keep up—so we applaud you SEPTA, keep up the good work.