OAT Shoes: "Easy on the eyes, easy on the feet & easy on mother nature"

For all yotreehuggeru compost fanatics out there — here’s something to look forward to. The latest and greenest step in eco-friendly shoe wear has been taken. TreeHugger has just alerted us to OAT Shoes — the first ever completely compostable sneaker!

Once you've worn them out, you can chuck the shoe, made from biodegradable materials, right into the woods, your garden or compost pile. Who would have thought — shoes with our coffee grinds, egg shells and leaves? The more we keep from the landfills, of course, the better.

The company, based in Amsterdam, claims the future of fashion “lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry.” It recognizes that choosing a shoe is primarily about style, and this choice is simple, ethical, and most certainly stylish. OAT Shoes recently won second prize at the Green Fashion Awards at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

The shoe is not yet available to order, but be sure to keep your eye out. You can follow their progress at oatshoes.com/