Neighborhood News:Three Grants For Walnut Hill

This month, the Walnut Hill Community Association(WHCA) was awarded one grant from NeighborWorks America, and two grants from the Preservation Alliance's Vital Neighborhoods Initiative. The grant money, totalling $20,000, will be used to beautify and promote the Walnut Hill neighborhood through three community-wide projects:

(1) NeighborWorks America CLI project

This project will host membership drives on block clean-up days this spring. WHCA members or block captains will host membership tables to provide association information and refreshments for volunteers, and distribute front-yard plants to neighborhood participants.

(2) Preservation Alliance Vital Neighborhoods Initiative small grant project

The goal of this proposed project is to strengthen community unity by installing banners throughout Walnut Hill that promote the neighborhood. The banners will be hung at key transportation hubs, historic locations, schools and recreation centers. 

(3)  Preservation Alliance Vital Neighborhoods Initiative large grant project

The goal of this project is to improve public spaces in the neighborhood through community involvement in creating flourishing gardens from vacant lots, and landscaping. Once established, the community would play a vital role in maintaining these lively green sites.   

If you would like to be involved in any of these projects, please contact the Walnut Hill Community Association at