Dinner Dialogue: Power Up Gambia comes to La Salle

powerupgambia.orgThis Thursday, February 17, La Salle University is hosting a dinner-dialogue featuring Jennifer Abraczinskas, a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania and board member of the inspiring, grassroots organization called Power Up Gambia (PUG).

We’ve mentioned PUG before, but it deserves more credit. The non-profit, which runs out of Philadelphia, strives to provide solar energy to under-resourced clinics in The Gambia(an extremely poor area of Western Africa). PUG’s mission is clear: “to provide reliable electricity and water to healthcare facilities in Gambia through solar energy.”

It’s hard to imagine a hospital without energy…delivering babies with minimal lighting provided by candles, or preserving drugs or vaccines without refrigeration. Think how easily we take electricity for granted -- to keep our apartments lit, our laptops running, and our cell phones charged should be considered a luxury.

Abraczinskas, a La Salle alum as of 2007, will be discussing her work with PUG, how it got started, how it continues to change lives, and the organization’s experiences with working internationally.

Less than 40 spots are left for this wonderful experience. Register here now. (I have no reason not to attend, being a La Salle student and all. I just registered today!)

The event is free and open to all, but a $5 cash donation will be collected to support PUG. For more information, contact Louise Giugliano (giuglian@lasalle.edu)or Julianna Gwiszcz (gwiszczj1@lasalle.edu).