Eating Here: A Nourishing Food System Plan

dvrpc.orgThis morning the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) unveiled its brand new food system plan for the Greater Philadelphia Region called, "Eating Here." The announcement event was held at Reading Terminal Market, and attracted a diverse crowd of folks all involved and/or interested in creating a more sustainable, fair, and accessible food system in our city.

DVRPC's Executive Director, Barry Seymour, kicked-off the event by sharing the plan's specific goals -- which are the results of two years of collaborating with local food advocacy groups to analyze the problems Philadelphia's food system faces. Simply put, "Eating Here" will focus on six different themes:

  1. Support Local Agriculture: A large part of this is an effort to maintain affordable land.
  2. A continuation and expansion of plans to protect land and natural resources in our region.
  3. Lower barriers of entry for new and minority farmers, as well as those that lack the necessary funds.
  4. Improve nutrition to end obesity and fight preventable diseases by promoting nutrition education and accessibility to technology resources.
  5. Encourage the continuation and expansion of the Farm to School program.
  6. Encourage collaborative efforts and spirit.

The morning's event also included the"Plate of Distinction Awards"-- $500,000 in grants awarded by the DVRPC to seven city organizations whose work is contributing to a more sustainable, fair, and  accessible food system. The money, provided by the William Penn Foundation, will allow each organization to continue or embark on projects that will benefit local food and communities in the Philadelphia region.

The recipients:

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more news on DVRPC's "Eating Here" plan, and local-food-based projects throughout the city and surrounding areas.