Finally! Philly introduces carton recycling

Photo via Philadelphia GreenworksThe holiday season has a tendency to lead to a little overindulgence - especially in the food department. If you find yourself surrounded by empty cartons of eggnog and wine this holiday, at least you can feel good about what happens to the packaging once you’re done. Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the Philadelphia Streets Department announced this week that Philadelphia will begin offering a carton recycling program. Residents can now toss milk, juice, soup, broth, soy milk, eggnog and wine cartons in recycling bins with their other recyclables. Motivated by a public private partnership with Carton Council, a collaborative of carton manufacturers devoted to reducing waste, the city’s new addition to its recycling program represents a growing trend across the nation. The number of American homes with access to carton recycling has doubled in the last three years--cities in more than 40 states already provide this service. Cartons will be accepted as part of Philadelphia’s recycling program starting today, so now you can ditch the evidence of your eggnog binge in a eco-friendly way.

- Missy Steinberg