Envy Alert: The Gorgeous Green School

thegreenmarket.blogspot.comSnow and frigid temperatures aside, travel with me now to a school in the tropical climates, Bali to be exact. Wall-less classrooms are structured from bamboo poles, topped with elegant, thatched roofs and filled with bamboo furniture. 200 children from around the world attend this school, where they study english, math, science, the creative arts, and "green studies." The name of this school? The Green School, of course.

Created by John and Cynthia Hardy, a Canadian and American who started their own jewelry business in Bali in 1989, the Green School offers academics to children grades K through 10.

The school is a model of sustainable education and academic freedom that would make most anyone want to pack up their family and re-locate to the Indonesian island. Extra curriculars like surfing, horse riding, and even mud wrestling are offered, and the school grows its own vegetables. Its ultimate mission is to teach children to take a more responsible approach in how they treat the environment, and give them green habits that will stay with them for life.

The Hardys also view the Green School in Bali as the first of many sustainable academic havens, and urge others to copy the school's model anywhere they see fit. So, what are you waiting for?