Enviro Bowl 2011: Penn Future vs. Clean Wisconsin

Steelers vs. Packers. PennFuture vs. Clean Wisconsin. It’s an intense challenge between Clean Wisconsin and PennFuture, an environmental organization race to win online donations.

So, here is the deal: Clean Wisconsin has bet that they can get more donations than PennFuture by noon on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 6). It’s a battle like this that can get any hardcore fans pumped up and jump into action.

Not that it seems remotely conceivable, given Pa.'s more than 2-to-1 population advantage over America's Dairyland, but what happens if PennFuture loses this bet?

"PennFuture’s President and CEO will have to give up her Black and Gold, take off her Troy wig, put down her Terrible Towel and change her clothes and PennFuture’s Facebook profile to – are you ready? – yucky Green, Gold and White Packers stuff FOR THE ENTIRE SUPER BOWL. Even worse, we’ll have to send a thank you video to the Clean Wisconsin supporters, dressed in Green Bay stuff."

While Eagles fans generally can't be bothered with the jerks in gold and black The City of Champions, football loyalties aside, the money raised by PennFuture will benefit all Pennsylvanians.

Who will raise the most money? It all depends on you! Donate NOW. Share this with your families and friends. Perhaps make a bet of your own. Who will be the last one standing? You decide. And if the above video doesn't get you pumped, well, you're clearly still hibernating.