Familiar Face: Hybrid X at State of the Union

Image courtesy evxteam.org

President Obama will give his second State of the Union Address tonight at 9 pm EST. The Adress will give the President a chance to share his agenda for the year ahead with an audience of members of Congress, but there will also be a familiar face among them. Brandon Ford, a junior at West Philadelphia High School and a leader of West Philly's Hybrid X Team is one of a handful of others invited to sit in First Lady Michelle Obama's box at this evenings event.

The dedicated Hybrid X team is pretty popular here at Grid. They were the cover story of our July 2010 issue, and have been the subject of many Griddle posts (just type Hybrid X into our search bar and see for yourself). We congratulate Brandon on this amazing opportunity, and will be looking for his face in the sea of suits and ties this evening.