Fracking Mess: The Toxic Effects of Drilling

On Wednesday, UC Review posted an article on gas drilling throughout the U.S., and right here in Pennsylvania. The piece shares personal accounts of those feeling the effects of drilling, and their stories are shocking and disturbing.

Take the story of Terry Greenwood, a farmer in Washington County, PA. Drilling has corrupted much of Terry and his wife's land, making it unsuitable for growing. The couple's cows have given birth to 10 stillborn calves, and contaminated water they drink from a nearby stream is the suspected culprit.

Unfortunately, this article contains other stories similar to Terry's, and to this point there have been very few chances for concerned Pennsylvania residents to speak out against drilling. UC Review reports that may soon change.

On January 27th, Philadelphia City Council will consider a bill sponsored by Councilman Curtis Jones, which recommends specifically that the DRBC’s March 16th public comment deadline be dropped; that there be at least seven meetings for public comment in the four-state Delaware River Basin, not just three; and that one of those meetings be held in Philadelphia. The same set of recommendations includes a new requirement for PGW to include "externalities"—i.e. the environmental and public health impact from gas extraction—in its calculations of "cost" when it procures natural gas.