Found Food: Pawpaw Season Has Arrived

Pawpaw Paradise in Lancaster Co.I spent Wednesday morning in the woods of Lancaster County, foraging for pawpaws with Casey Spacht (of Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op). Compared to our previous, quite challenging morel-finding expedition, this trip was all giggles and snacking, as the "Susquehanna Bananas" practically rained down from above.

This afforded us extra time, and Spacht came prepared. Using wood from a pawpaw tree, he rustled us up a fire with shocking efficiency. We used the flames to boil crushed hickory nuts (I did the crushing, using two rocks) in spring water, producing a "nut milk." Once flavored with his homemade maple syrup, it was a delightful treat.

You can read all about our foraging mission in next month's Grid, but for now enjoy this video sneak peak. (Note to viewers: the red on Spacht's hand is berry juice. I promise.)

Lastly, if anyone has any pawpaw preparations I should try, lemme know. I'm swimming in them.