10/10/10: 350.org's Global Work Party

Are you ready for 10/10/10? I hope so, because 350.org is holding some great green events locally and around the world. The theme is "Global Work Party" and there are already 2,800 plus activities planned for over 150 countries.

Here's a list of some of the events that will be held in Philadelphia:

Center City Event - This is going to be a big one, folks!  We've got a coalition of local organizations planning a large event at the Friends Center at 15th and Cherry.  The group includes the Philadelphia FriendsGreenpeaceThe Sierra Club1Sky,Volk LibrePowerUP GambiaThe Sustainable Business NetworkAlliance for a Sustainable Future and more! 

Clean and Green work Party at Mount Vernon Park
- Neighborhood greening, cleaning and entertaining sponsored by the Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (NIM).

Weatherization Workshops
- Saving energy at home in the Fairhill neighborhood.  Sponsored by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) and the Chestnut Hill Friends.

Climate Action Party - What better way to finish a day of hard work than at one of our fabulous local watering holes!

Check out the website to learn more about 350.org and for a more thorough description of the events.