Obsessions: Four Worlds Bakery's Sandwich Magic

Heaven is a Sandwich (yes, I saw Pavement on Friday)There are a few things in life definitely worth going out of you way for—and one of those things would have to be Four Worlds Bakery's breads. Unfortunately for us east-side-of-the-river dwellers, there is only one place that stocks Michael Dolich's croissants and breads over the counter. (Yes, you can order for pickup in East Philly, but that takes some foresight.)

Ultimo Coffee in South Philly (15th and Mifflin) not only has access to FW croissants, they're also using his tremendous, close-your-eyes-and-you-could-almost-be-in-Paris baguettes for a daily cast of seasonal sandwiches. Yesterday, they had options including caprese, Green Meadow chevre and fig spread, and, my personal favorite, chevre with red pepper spread and arugula. (But honestly, you could spread Velveeta on this bread and it would taste just fine.) They only make one batch—when they're gone, you're out of luck.

These sandwiches are, put simply, one of my favorite small pleasures in a city full of them. The bread crunches and cracks (the telltale sign of a good baguette is the sound it makes) and the toppings are exquisitely understated, augmenting not overwhelming the true star of the show. The bike ride down to Ultimo on a beautiful fall day isn't too shabby either.