Ditch the Car: Student Rides Horse to School

Clem Murray for the InquirerTalk about a clean form of transportation! This Inquirer article tells the story of Roby Burch, a 12-year-old Gladwyne boy who rides his horse to school every day:

It's not often you see a kid riding his horse to school on the Main Line.

Burch, a sophomore at the Haverford School, has been riding Jet, his big white Percheron, four miles to and from school since early this month. In his blue blazer and tie, jeans, boots, and spurs, he's an urban cowboy who's bringing the flavor - and aroma - of the West to the elite private school.

I remember being that age and thinking, "Only four more years until that license!" For some reason, I never considered freedom coming with four legs.