Going Green: The Navy Yard Gets Innovative

The Navy Yard is going green in an innovative way—and I'm not just talking about ditching the air conditioner or switching to more energy efficient light bulbs. This Inquirer article details the changes that will take place:

Pennsylvania State University and a slew of partners plan to implement and develop the very latest in eco-friendly technologies at the South Philadelphia site, with the help of $159 million in federal and state grants announced last week.

"Dynamic" building facades that adjust in response to changes in outdoor temperature and sunlight. High-tech materials that remove humidity from the air without cooling it to the bone-chilling level of the typical air conditioner. Electronic sensors that perceive harmful particles in the air and activate filters when needed.

Transforming the Navy Yard is not going to be an easy task, but the goal is to have it be self-sustainable and cut energy cost by 50 percent in five years.