Bike Talk: Some Thoughts on Urban Cycling

A Reuters blog post from Felix Salmon has been making the Interweb rounds. In it, he talks about cycling in New York city, but a lot of his observations can be easily applied here:

As a result, drivers don’t treat cyclists as legitimate users of the road, even when they’re going in the right direction. Instead, they treat us as they would treat pedestrians. I’ve had a taxi driver scream at me for biking the right way down the street, because there wasn’t enough room for him to overtake and he wanted to get to the red light at the end of the block a few seconds faster. Once we were both stopped at the red light, he explained in a very forthright New York manner that he had every right to drive as fast as he wanted on the roads, and I had no right to be on the road at all.

The whole thing is worth a read—even if I don't agree with 100 percent of his points. I also love that he taught me a new term: "Bike Salmon."