Digital Desire: The Fashion Issue is Online

October's Issue of Grid, our second annual Fashion Issue, is now available online for your perusal. I'd like to give special props to Melissa McFeeters from the art department for her fabulous work on the cover—a map of the city inspired by vintage dress patterns.

This issue was a ton of fun to put together, and we got to meet some amazing people. I used to think that the only reason to get married was to get a stand mixer, but Bario-Neal's jewelry added incentive. In a warehouse in North Kensington, Llum's Amanda Reichert taught me about Vera Neumann. And Sarah Van Aken of Sa Va Fashion continued to impress and inspire with her thoughtfulness and commitment to building Philadelphia's brand as a sustainable fashion destination. As she put it in one of her more erudite moments, "Why would you want a fashion scene when you could have a fashion industry?"