Plethora of Plastic: The Bag Monster Cometh

Can you spot the Bag Monster?You see them all the time. They’re a filthy nuisance, cruising down sidewalks, nesting in trees and flying between Center City buildings. No, I’m not talking about pigeons—plastic bags are the menace I speak of. Last Thursday they weren’t just part of the background; they were the main attraction.

Thousands upon thousands of plastic bags were on display at City Hall as part of the national Bag Monster Tour. Donning a full-body costume made of plastic bags, Andy Keller combines high-energy activism and shocking “installations” to make people aware that the average American uses about 500 of these bags per year, most of which end up in landfills or oceans.

Many people passing through on their lunch breaks stopped to take pictures of the bags with their cell phones or to talk to the Bag Monster himself. At one point, he darted across 15th Street to snag a bag as it skipped down the sidewalk. Philadelphia is just one of more than a dozen stops on Keller’s cross-country tour that began last month in San Francisco.

A few more pics, after the jump.


Casual convo with the Bag Monster