Say Cheese: Mme. Fromage Hits Keswick

Grid contributor Madame Fromage recently took a trip to Keswick Creamery, sharing all the twists, turns and curds (zing!) on her blog. Her tour guide was Paul Lawler, a local cheesemonger and Fair Food Farmstand employee:

I got to meet some of these happy cows on Tuesday, when I rode out to the creamery for a tour of the cheese room with Paul. I’ll be honest, I’d never petted a cow before, and I was bowled over by how friendly these Jerseys were – Cappucino and I hit it off when she came over to lick my toes (painted blue, so can you blame her?), and soon Chai was nudging my arm, eager to be petted.

Personally, I love Keswick's ricotta. I've used it often in my famous baked rigatoni, one of my all-time favorite cold weather dishes. Just thinking about it makes me excited for fall.

Tenaya also has great things to say about Keswick's new Lush 'N Wild.