Meaty Proposition: Philly Cow Share

CSA? More like Meat-SA.

Check out this City Paper story on a new cow share program run by Jessica Moore and based out of West Philly:

Moore grew up in southern Indiana, where she says her family engaged in a similar, if more informal, practice with Midwestern herd tenders. She selects farms in Philly's surrounding counties (Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Mercer) that raise cows the right way — grass-fed, free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free. Some of these clients are not even in the beef business — Moore says she gravitates toward farmsteads that rely on a bovine population "as part of the general health of their farm and their agricultural businesses," citing a Lancaster-based pick-your-own-fruit orchard that raises cows on its hilly topography as an example

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