Local Leftovers: Corn to the Rescue

I've made it pretty clear that I'm corn obsessed. I love the fresh stuff in all manner of preparation. I could happily wax for hours about a pasta dish (from Marche in Nashville) with corn, bacon and white wine that changed my life or spend precious minutes diagramming my recipe for killer Southwest corn salad in compulsive detail.

So, it was no surprise that, last night, I found myself topping a pizza with raw crunchy kernels, trimmed from an ear bought at the Fair Food Farmstand. They were the perfect sweet foil to sliced tomato, Claudio's mozzarella and spicy cured sausage.

The only problem was that I had leftovers—a small bag of raw corn was sitting in my fridge this morning, calling my name. So, I made a five minute breakfast: a tiny bit of diced onion and the corn went into a skillet with butter. After a couple minutes, in went a single beautiful, local, pastured egg. I stirred, then left my golden mixture on the heat until it had barely set.

This dish was glorious in its simplicity. The corn retained its crunch, while the eggs added richness. If I was going full brunch with the whole corn-n-eggs thing, I would have added some herbs, shaved parmesan and maybe even a hint of bacon.