X Factor: Help West Philly Hybrid X Advance

West Philly Hybrid X, profiled in July's Grid, need your help! From director Simon Hauger:

During a six-week summer program my students began to dream about what's next for the team. They decided we should design a school based on the principles we use for the team. I loved the idea and entered it in the GE Ecomagination Challenge, a voting contest. Each person can only vote once. We are trying to get the word out and get as many votes as possible. I would love your support.   

Our Idea:

Create a Green Technology High School that engages students to solve real world problems. Our inquiry-based, hands-on approach harnesses the power of student ingenuity, creativity and curiosity.

We are deeply passionate about making urban education work. The team has demonstrated the amazing potential teenagers have when they are challenged to solve big problems. Please help us make our dream a reality.


After registering, you have to return to the same link and click VOTE. After voting, click the facebook icon to help get the word out.