Grill Baby: Pizza Moves Out of the Oven

It had been years since the scent of charcoal and BBQ had engulfed my backyard. So, this summer I made it a priority to fire up my grill as often as possible, throwing on everything from burgers to veggies to chicken to ribs. This Inquirer article offers a bit of extra inspiration: pizza!

But how does one grill pizza? A burger is simple enough. But dough? Here's what writer Anna Herman has to say:

The trick to a great grilled pizza is controlling the heat. Unlike a pizza surrounded by hot air in an oven, where the toppings can cook with the raw dough, the technique to cooking great pizza on the grill involves three steps. First a thin sheet of dough cooks over hot coals until firmed up and well-browned. The par-cooked crust is then flipped onto a cool section of the grill or back onto the oiled pan and the cheeses are spread or sprinkled, and the toppings are distributed. The pizza is then returned to the grill - perhaps even covered - until the cheeses are well melted, the toppings are bubbling and warm but the bottom is well-browned, not scorched.

Read on for more tips and recipes.