For Rent: Sustainable Living Tips

Renters tend to have a hard time living green. The building is owned by the landlord, not you. Well, according to this article on, all hope is not lost:

You can be a green tenant by unplugging appliances or using chemical-free products. It's as easy as fixing leaky faucets or installing window treatments to conserve heat in the winter and to keep your place cool in the summer without cranking up the air conditioning.

"There's a myth that there isn't a lot that renters can do," said Paula Cino, director of Energy and Environmental Policy with the National Multi Housing Council. "Our individual behavior has a huge impact on sustainability. The resident has a lot of opportunity to make big differences themselves without any input from the landlord whatsoever."

Check out the rest of the article for some great tips on recycling, water use, energy and dealing with a penny-pinching landlord.