Meat Market: Locavore-Friendly Cheesteaks

There are plenty of foods you want to eat, even if you can't necessarily feel good about it. Well, Philly Homegrown, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation's new Eat Local initiative, is here to help. 

They've recruited Frog Commissary founder Steve Poses to serve up cheesesteaks made using only ingredients grown and produced within the area’s 100-mile foodshed. The cooking and eating will take place Wednesday (tomorrow), August 25 at the Mayor's Farmers' Market at LOVE Park (15th St. at JFK Blvd.)

Serving time is 11 a.m. Poses will make 250 cheesesteaks, cut into quarters. And yes, they're free. The locavore friendly cheesesteak will also be served for a limited time (Aug. 26-29) at Ben’s Bistro in the Franklin Institute (open to the public without admission fee).

Via The Insider.