Meal Deal: Mondays at the Fair Food Farmstand

I learned something new this week: On Mondays, the Fair Food Farmstand offers 10 percent off produce and 30 percent off dairy. It's an efficient way for them to clear their shelves for the coming week—and a great way for customers to get a deal.

I used my discount to buy some Natural by Nature Coop whole milk (a sweet, creamy treat that has revolutionized my morning cereal) and a small watermelon (tip: biking home with a watermelon and a glass bottle of milk in a messenger bad, not the most comfortable move in the world).

I also nabbed some Daisy flour, which immediately made its way into this Mark Bittman flatbread recipe (a staple in my kitchen; I have a lipped pizza pan dedicated soley to its creation). That was served with my riff on Jamie Oliver's "mothership" tomato salad: mixed tomatoes (snowberry and black ruffle), salted and left to strain/concentrate for 15 minutes, fresh chili, basil, olive oil, sherry vinegar, salt and pepper. In the end it was sorta like a deconstructed panzanella—the bread soaked up the juices from the salad, offering the perfect acidic balance to the sweet roasted onions.