Jarhead: Marisa McClellan in the LA Times

From foodinjars.comMarisa McClellan, Grid contributor and food blogger extraordinaire, scored a starring roll in a recent Los Angeles Times story on the canning renaissance:

Canning is having a moment.

So is pickling, preserving, jam making and all around "putting up," as they used to say — and now do once more — of the season's harvest. And if that puts you in mind of a remote farmhouse kitchen, gingham aprons and a cellar lined with rows of apple butter, then you haven't been paying attention.

At Food in Jars, blogger Marisa McClellan makes peach-plum jam from a most unusual perch — the 20th floor of a Philadelphia high-rise — and draws more than 100,000 hits per month. 

Marisa has PDFs of the dead tree edition over at Food in Jars.

In a related note, on Saturday, August 28, Marisa will cohost a cheese tasting at Quince Fine Foods with Madame Fromage (another Grid regular). Click here for details.