Eat Local: Summer Hits Headhouse

These turned deep purple when braised with wine, onions and garlic. Embrace the slime!Headhouse Farmers' Market was simply stunning yesterday. There were funky peppers, eclectic squash and quirky eggplants as far as the eye could see. And then there were the tomatoes—little ones, big ones, stripey ones and gnarly ones. (I sometimes lament the fact that I can't buy more tomatoes; I'm swimming in delicious little yellow ones and beautiful Black Ruffles.)

I came away with an impressive haul—red and orange heirloom carrots from Weaver's Way Farm, summer beans (green and yellow), nectarines, pluots (I live for this apricot/plum hybrid; the dinosaur egg variety is my favorite), a single striped green tomato, spectacular red heirloom okra and my first figs of the season (those necessitated the purchase of a thin wedge of Birchrun Blue cheese from Sue and co.).