City of Brotherly Love: A Quick Thank You

All you obsessive Griddle readers out there might have noticed that the blog took a few minutes to get humming yesterday. Well, that's because I crashed my bike on Sunday night and was too busy icing/elevating/wallowing in self pity to get going early.

Yes, falling blows—and this one was all my fault; a simple loss of balance. I scraped my knee and crunched my foot, leading to a deep purple color and toes that are more parallel than usual.

The only upside to this accident? I was reminded how nice people can be. Three passerbys—a woman who was riding behind me and a couple walking across the Chestnut Street Bridge—stopped, helped me out of the road and insisted on staying with me while I waited for my brother to come pick me up. The one dude even checked out my bike to see if it was OK.

So, anyway, I'd like to use this forum to thank those good samaritans, whereever they are. I hope I was able to express through my pain (which was intense; its easy to forget what an injury actually feels like) how much I appreciated the help and the company. You made your city proud.